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Q: Do you deliver to Australia and New Zealand?

Yes we do! Please select the Australian flag at the top right of the homepage and it will direct you to our Australian store where our distributors there will send out your order.

Q: Do you deliver to Ireland and Europe?

Yes we do! Please select the UK flag at the top right of the homepage, then select your country when checking out.

Q: Do you deliver to America?

Yes we do! Please select the American flag at the top right of our home page which will take you to the American site. Our Australian distributors will then send out the product to you. We hope to have the products more readily available in America soon.

Q: Do you deliver to South Africa and other parts of the world?

Yes we do! Please select the Australian flag at the top right of our home page which will take you to the Australia / Rest Of World site. Our Australian distributors will then send out the product to you. We hope to have the products more readily available in your country soon.

Q: Are there any stores that sell your supplements?

A number of our supplements are available at any SPACE.NK apothecary store across the UK. We also sell all of our supplements exclusively online at Bodyism.com. In Australia our supplements are available at select David Jones department stores.

In Australia, we have retail outlets in the following States:


Divine Organics, Torrensville:    www.divineorganics.com.au


Fitness Prescription, Malaga: E:  Fitnessprescription@hotmail.com.au

The Wellness Groove, Willettonwww.thewellnessgroove.com.au


Kinglake Crystals, Kinglake West:  www.kinglakecrystals.com.au


Dubbo Health Food, Dubbowww.healthylifedubbo.com.au

La Bella Medispa, Parkeswww.labellamedispa.com.au

Wholesome Pilates, Cronulla:  www.wholesomepilates.com


Lady Jane Healthy Living, Mermaid Beachwww.ladyjane.com.au

Organic & Natural Store, Mackaywww.organicfoodmackay.com



Sarae Adamopoulos

E:  sarae@adam.com.au  M:  0418 897 903

We are looking to expand our business so we are open to any wholesaling opportunities, please contact us at sales@bodyism.com


Q: Do you have any Bodyism trainers in my area?

Currently, the only Bodyism trainers are based in Knightsbridge, London.

Q: Where is my order?

We send orders out within 1 -3 working days (unless stated otherwise on the product page). If you have chosen standard delivery – we are not able to track your order. So please select Special / Express / Signed for Delivery for a guaranteed, trackable service.

Q: Do your products contain gluten?

We use no ingredients in the formula that are made from any gluten containing foods. However because raw materials can come from suppliers where there could be some fragments of gluten through milling etc.

Q: Are you supplements suitable for pregnancy / breastfeeding / medical conditions?

Please consult your medical practitioner. A full list of ingredients can be found on our site – so please get advice from your doctor.

Q: I am a Vegetarian, what do you suggest I replace meat with?

Protein is a very important for developing lean muscle which helps you constantly burn fat. I would recommend a good quality protein powder such as BodyComplete which can be mixed with water or milk to help meet your daily protein needs.

Other vegetarian foods sources which we recommend are a combination of rice or hemp protein, tempeh-fermented tofu, lentils and beans, eggs and diary.

Clean and Lean Cookbook will be on sale in January 2012 and contains approx. 1/3 amazing vegetarian recipes.

Q: Are the ingredients in your products natural or synthetic?

All of the ingredients in the products are natural, there are also no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives.

Q: What is the difference between Clean and Lean Diet & Flat Tummy Fast!?

The two books have very different content and both are a great investment to your health. They are packed with different exercise program’s, dietary and nutrition advice, meal plans, bad/better/best columns and recipes.

Q. I am in Australia and would like to order your products online. Is this possible?

Yes, we have 3 stores: Bodystore UK, Bodystore Australia and Bodystore USA. Click on the store you are after and it will take you straight there.

Q: Can you eat potatoes on the Clean and Lean Diet?

We advise not eating potatoes until you have reached your ideal body composition and weight. We recommend eating any green vegetables, peppers and cucumbers to name but a few.

Q: I’m allergic to nuts, what other snacks can I have?

Sunflower, pumpkin and hemp seeds are another excellent snack. At bodyism we also advise eating sliced white meats with vegetables such as peppers and cucumbers.

Q: I love counting calories and enjoy eating cereals such as weetabix for breakfast.

I would just like to say that all calories are not equal in the sense that your 40 grams of dry cereal would not be the same as a chicken breast and steamed spinach.

2 weetabix = 260 calories

1 chicken breast = 180 calories

1 portion steamed spinach = 20 calories

The chicken breast + veggies will be about 200 calories 60 short of the 2 weetabix. The chicken and veggies is made up of lean protein where as the weetabix are made up from wheat and sugar. Wheat and sugar is not on the clean and lean program! Eating clean and lean is about eating the right types of food and eating adequate protein.

Q: I don’t like fish especially smoked salmon, what else could i eat?

You can replace the fish with any other sources of lean protein such as chicken and turkey.

Q: What supplements would you recommend so I can kick my morning coffee addiction?

I would advise starting with OmegaBrilliance asap with 1 pill at each meal(3 day) and then regressing to 2 a day. BodyBrilliance is a great way to start your day so 1 serving would be sufficient and is much better then a cup of coffee in the morning.

Q: What supplements would you recommend to help accelerate fat burning?

The best supplement to help burn fat would be Omega Brilliance. I would start at 1 capsule per meal working up to 6x a day. The second supplement I would recommend would be Body Serenity as this blend will help improve your sleep which allows your body to burn fat at night. The third is Body Brilliance taken 45min before exercise as this will give you an extra boost during your training session.

Q: Where do I purchase Oat Cakes in Australia?


Q: How many reps do I do in each phase of the exercise programme?

Phase 1 15-20 reps per exercise

Phase 2 12-15 reps per exercise

Phase 3 + 4 10-12 reps per exercise

Q: How long should each phase last and how many sets?

Each phase should be about 2-4 weeks and 3-5 sets should be completed each circuit.

Q: Do Bodyism products contain dairy and lactose?

Bodyism proteins are WPI90, Pea and WPC80 the first and last whey proteins are drevived from dairy but do not carry the allergenic component of the significant casein in milk which is the most mucous producing and highest reactor for people with dairy allery as casein is hard to digest whereas whey proteins very easy to digest. You may find micro traces of lactose and as this is not an antigen it iwill not illicit an immune response as an allergy. Please consult with your health practitioner.

Q: Are Bodyism products suitable for vegetarians?

The products are suitable for vegetarians but not Vegan

Q: Why do Bodyism Supplements have more then RDA? Is it harmful to the body to exceed RDA?

Although some of the ingredients are higher the RDA set for the UK and EU, there are all below the ‘Upper Safe Limit’ set by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). Therefore there is no danger associated with taking more than the RDA, especially if your immune system is compromise in anyway or your diet is not well balanced. The RDA’s are based on someone eating a balanced and varied diet who may wish to supplement their diet by taking additional vitamins and minerals through a food supplement, such as Bodyism Multi-Optimum.

Q: Are Bodyism products suitable for Lactose intolerant individuals?

Both Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) and Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) contain lactose. The level of lactose required to elicit a reaction will vary between each lactose sensitive individual – and sometimes the threshold level is of a cumulative nature – requiring regular intake of lactose of a period of time until a reaction occurs.

Product      Lactose per 100g     Lactose per serving
Bodyism’s BeautyFood       Nil     Nil
Body Brilliance       ~6g     ~1.5g per 25g serve
Body Complete       ~3g     ~1g per 32g serve
UltimateClean Fibre       Nil     Nil
Body Serenity       ~2%     ~160mg per 8g serve




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