Announcing the Brazilian body collection by Bodyism

From training the world’s top models and superstars to releasing a best-selling range of nutrition books and health food supplements, Bodyism announces the launch of its fitness clothing range:

The Brazilian Body Collection.

Designed and produced in Brazil by Bodyism’s Brazilian-born Creative Director, Christiane Duigan, and Bodyism trainer and model, Nathalie Schyllert, the sleek new designs have been carefully created to lift, tighten and sculpt the body’s contours in all the right places to ensure that women feel comfortable and look
beautiful whilst working out.

Download the Brazilian collection look book here

The range, which consists of leggings, sports bras, lightweight tops and yoga pants has been thoughtfully developed using a unique blend of Lycra Sport and Supplex fabrics. Both breathable and lightweight, this intelligent combination feels like cotton, but has the benefits of advanced fibre technology, meaning style is not substituted over substance and performance. From a zen state in a yoga class to a long-distance run, this range will work as hard as the woman to support the muscles and ensure that the body can move freely, all whilst maintaining perfectly dry.

Beautiful, stylish, but above all efficient, the new workout wear isn’t just a range of clothing, but an extension of Bodyism’s sole purpose – to help achieve a beautiful long and lean body.

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To purchase the Brazilian Body Collection, visit the BodyStore here