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Bodyism: The science of a long, lean, athletic body.


The Bodyism system is a blueprint for a long, lean, healthy body. Based in London, our team consists of the top performance coaches and fat loss specialists in the world.

We have a broad spectrum of clients from executives, pre and post natal mothers, actors, models, housewives and royalty. Our dramatic results speak for themselves. Anyone who is committed to their health is welcome.

“I go to Bodyism when I need to get my body into peak condition. I’ve been working with James for 10 years now and wouldn’t trust anyone else. There is simply no one better in the world.” Elle Macpherson. To read more client testimonials like this one, please click here.

At Bodyism we specialize in creating long, lean, athletic bodies, we do this by building health through our customised nutritional protocols and movement and exercise programs along with our bespoke range of supplements and health drinks. These are specifically designed to strip fat, enhance health, improve posture and increase performance. We monitor your progress and provide nutritional support, supplements and exercise programs wherever you are in the world during your time with us here at Bodyism.

Bodyism is unique in what it is able to deliver to clients. We are passionate and incredibly proud of the work we do, We care deeply for our clients and have created a space where every single person that walks through our doors is listened to and treated with respect and kindness.

We have found that the most successful way for us to work with you is to book you in for a consultation to determine what it is that you want to achieve and how fast you would like it to happen. At Bodyism, we work on the principal that a healthy body is a lean body, so we look for ways in which to optimise your health in the fastest possible way whilst at the same time addressing any potential imbalances in your nutrition and movement patterns.

Our spine and joint specialists can also work around any injuries with your medical professional to accelerate the healing process and restore biomechanical function. We also look at what it is that may be driving certain areas of weight gain on the body or any other issues such as low energy, bad posture, bad skin, poor digestion etc. If you are holding weight on a certain part of your body or are unable to shift weight, we will work with you to find out why. Once we have figured out why something is happening in your body we develop strategies and protocols to accelerate the fat burning process, bring you back in to balance, clean your system and get you long, lean and glowing.

The first step to your new body is the Body Oracle Evaluation and program.

The Body Oracle is the perfect start for you to improve your lifestyle and to get stronger. An hormonal assessment is taken and then a specific report is written detailing your problematic areas, with nutritional, supplement and exercise solutions. Re-testing of your hormonal sites will be performed every 2-4 weeks to ensure that we are making progress.

Initial Week 1

Your sites will get measured and the personal Body Oracle Report is written and discussed. We recommend 3-5 personal training sessions per week to maximize the benefits of the body Oracle report and for you to get used to the new exercise protocols.

The first 3 months at Bodyism

We recommend 3-5 personal training sessions per week to reach your goals in quickest possible way. (Please enquire for details for our worldwide service).

After the 3 month commitment

By now, or sooner, you will have achieved your goals and the key is now to maintain your new, lean, healthy, strong body forever. We recommend that you still come in 3 times a week and we could also help you to continue your training outside the gym by writing you your maintenance program.

Our performance trainers and coaches are the best in the world, they have been chosen for their integrity, compassion and commitment to excellence and brilliance in their field. Each trainer has undergone an extensive training mentorship with bodyism as well as an internship in arizona at Athletes Performance. The success and reputation of Bodyism is built on our ability to consistently deliver incredible results for our clients. With each member of the team committed to ensuring you experience excellent health and achieve a vibrant, lean, healthy body.

“I didn’t think it was possible for my body to be any more beautiful but somehow James and Nathalie have done it. I am now dazzling in my panties.” Hugh Grant.
To read more client testimonials like this one, please click here.

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An evening with James Duigan

Meet the Team
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      Creator: James Duigan    James has been transforming bodies and changing lives link

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    Director of BodyFood & Bodyism Global: Christiane is Clean & Lean’s cover girl, link

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    Director of Operations & Bodywear: Nathalie’s career in health and fitness began in link

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    Gym Manager – London: Michael joined the Bodyism team in 2011 as an link

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    Director of Communications: Tegan’s passion for health and fitness began ten years ago link

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    Director of Bodyism Global: Since moving from Australia, Jamie has become a core link

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    Performance Specialist James has always enjoyed an active lifestyle. Whilst growing up, James link

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    Performance & Yoga Specialist: Shona is known for her attention to detail and passionate enthusiasm link

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    Yoga Specialist: Una began practicing Yoga while studying psychology at University, where she link

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    Yoga Specialist: Wenche was born in Norway, has lived and worked in California, link

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    Dynamic Yoga, Pre & Post Natal Yoga Danai teaches a physically as well as intellectually link

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    Yoga and Acro Yoga Anna discovered Yoga at the age of fifteen, following link